Transformation through confidence

We as humans love seeing transformation. We love seeing people better themselves. This gallery isn’t showing that someone is "ugly" before their makeover and "beautiful" after. It shows you that anyone can do this, that these are normal people, everyday women, and even you could experience an incredible magazine style photo shoot and look like your most amazing self. Before-and-after photos demonstrate that a professional makeover, beautiful lighting, and expert posing can truly transform an image. But the most notable difference between the before-and-after photos is that each person is in a safe and comfortable space where they can feel BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, STRONG, and TRULY SEEN. They can relax and let their inner light shine through easily. It’s not because it wasn’t there in the first place. They had this power inside them all along, but in this safe and empowering space, they allowed it to radiate out of them freely.

You can do this. Show the world how you truly SHINE.