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A modern, creative portrait


Authentic style.


I am a photographer based in Oregon, specializing in boutique high school senior portraits, college graduates, families, elopements, weddings, and personal branding.



Meet Jaime

Hi, I'm Jaime. A mother, artist, writer, designer, and lifetime learner. I'm at home in the green, lush valley of western Oregon, yet I love to visit the mountains for the serene snow and escape to the coast for the soothing ocean.

Being out in nature is my bliss, be it going on hikes or camping trips with my family. I enjoy silence and stillness, delighting in the present moment without extra stimulation. There is wisdom in the patience of flowers and trees. 

I look at every challenge as an opportunity to become a better person. Do I meet this obstacle in a state of ease and joy, or do I fall into a state of stress and discord? Life will keep offering these opportunities to move through hard times with more peace and kindness.

I am a serious foodie - I love to cook and bake, and most of I all I love to eat! I'll try just about anything once (no promises though). I proudly admit that I'm a chocoholic. A little chocolate a day goes a long way. I find much pleasure in cooking new and interesting dishes as well as preparing healthy, home-cooked meals.

I've always been intrigued by artistic clothing, but didn't find a strong interest in fashion until my 30s. What someone wears n a portrait has such a huge impact on the look and feel of that image. Your outfit can make you feel like your most confident, authentic, and beautiful self, and that's important.

"A mother, artist, writer, designer,
and lifetime learner."

My photos reflect my inner beauty as much as my external appearance. I don't know how she does it, but Jaime brings out the essence of a person. My images document what I appreciate about myself most. I wasn't expecting to have such a meaningful experience. I'm grateful to Jaime for the boost she gave me through her beautiful photography. Jaime is a gifted professional. Working with her was one of the best experiences I've ever had working with an expert in their field. I would recommend Jaime to anyone!



My favorite part of working with Jaime was the laughter and easygoingness! 

Her encouragement and nice compliments during the shoot made me open up more and feel extra beautiful. 

It was fun, and memorable, and I still look at pictures with a huge smile, thank you :)



BOOK A SHOOT | Tel: 541-231-1829 | Corvallis, OR



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